June 9, 2023

Lil Beaver Brewery saved 43 hours in labor and achieved an 85.7% caller satisfaction rating over the past 60 days with Slang.ai

Results - from a 60-day period

After working with Slang, Lil Beaver Brewery was able to achieve: 

  • A satisfaction score of 85.7% as a result of Slang's efficient voice AI
  • A significant successful conversation rate of 83.6%, showcasing the effectiveness of Slang's system
  • A substantial labor saving of $774.00


Lil Beaver Brewery, a highly-rated establishment with a 4.7-star rating from 737 Google Reviews, is a beloved brewery known for its tasty shareables, burgers, pizzas, salads, wings, and desserts. Opened on January 1, 2017, by Chad Bevers and his partners Justin and Adam Bellas, the brewpub offers a vast selection of 40 beers on tap in the summer and 30 in the winter, in addition to a fine selection of wines and spirits.

With two levels of indoor dining, an outdoor patio with a bar, and an upstairs dining area that doubles as a quiet meeting space during the week, Lil Beaver Brewery caters to a diverse range of customer needs. It also offers reserved event space and hosts trivia on Tuesday nights.


Lil Beaver Brewery faced a critical challenge: their bustling environment often led to missed calls, piled-up voicemails, and consequently, lost business. The telephone was answered by available staff or, if all were occupied, was forwarded to the manager's office. The brewery needed a solution to ensure they got all crucial calls for orders or private event bookings and to provide accurate information to callers.


This is where Slang's voice AI concierge came into play. Slang’s phone-answering concierge proved to be an ideal solution to the brewery's challenge by efficiently managing incoming calls and freeing up the staff's time, all while significantly enhancing the caller's experience.

“Slang has greatly improved the efficiency of our operation. Our employees now have to answer the phone a fraction of the time that they had to before, allowing them to focus more on customer experience and customer service instead of answering the same or similar questions over and over again on the phone.  Slang also almost completely eliminated our crazy amount of robo and junk calls which we are very thankful for.  We are grateful that we were introduced to Slang at the GFS Food Show in Chicago and look forward to a great long-term relationship.”

Brandon Ciasnocha, General Manager, Lil Beaver Brewery 

The substantial reduction in missed calls, impressive caller satisfaction, and successful conversation rates demonstrate how effectively Slang's voice AI has helped the brewery address its challenge. The labor savings, calculated using Illinois's state minimum wage, further underscore the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Slang's solution. With Slang, Lil Beaver Brewery has significantly improved its telecommunication experience, ensuring no opportunity for business is missed.

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Alex Sambvani
Patrick Calder

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