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Our Mission

Modern Voice Magic

Calling a business shouldn’t feel like a robot-hostage situation, where you’re forced to listen to horrible hold music and can never reach a human.

That’s why we started Slang.ai. We use AI technology to make transacting over voice so enjoyable, it’s more human than human.

By 2030, we will save businesses and consumers 1 billion minutes of precious time, while transforming branded voice experiences into the preferred mode of communication.

Build for better

If it doesn't make the world better, we don't build it.

Keep growing

Growth requires an environment that encourages it and people who crave it. We've got both.

Make lightspeed look good

Move fast to better serve our customers and outrun the competition. But don't settle for poor quality or design.

Give a sh*t

Everyone is an owner. Dive into problems head first. Do right by our users and all other stakeholders.

Collaborate Playfully

You won't find any downers here. We act like a team.


Slangstas are kind, growth-oriented, and ambitious. We are transparent and direct, and we trust that everyone wants the company to win.

Our Open Roles

Interested in joining our growing squad? We'd love to meet you. Keep scrolling to see our open roles.

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