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<div class="yes-pink">Customizable Voice</div>

<div class="yes-pink">Customizable greeting message</div>

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<div class="yes-pink">Outbound texts</div>

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Everything Starter has +
Everything Growth has +
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Even with staffing better than Covid times, my staff would likely boycott me if we were to stop using Slang.
Chris Viola, Development Partner, Cul+ure Collective
Every one of our managers has been super appreciative of this product. We had 700 voicemails before we launched Slang.ai. Now we don’t worry about them.
Dustin @ Weimann Maclise
Before Slang.ai 80% of calls would go unanswered because staff was too busy. Slang answers our calls 24/7, so guests get answers fast.
Charlie, Director of Operations @ Crave Fishbar Group
Slang.ai saves my team over a hundred hours per month!
Abraham Merchant, Founder @ Merchants Hospitality Group


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