The Ultimate Restaurant Voice AI Platform

Our customer-led voice assistant allows you to increase revenue, streamline operations and delight guests.

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Seamless conversational AI

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Increase Revenue

Transform every call into an opportunity by directing guests to online ordering or reservation booking.

Streamline Operations

Reduce labor costs and workload with faster response times and increased customer satisfaction.

Delight Guests

Capture data for personalized interactions, ensuring a seamless booking experience. Features

Everything you need to satisfy your guests & your team.

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Reservation Management

End-to-end voice support to recognize guests and assist with bookings through

Direct SMS

Send helpful links and contacts to automate revenue channels + save time.

Seamless Integrations

Provide a seamless booking experience with our integration partners.

Customizable Call Flows

Filter calls to manage inquiries efficiently.

Premium Voices

Tailor the concierge to match your restaurant's brand and experience.

Conversational AI

Use language models trained for restaurant use.

Insightful Analytics

Understand guest inquiries and peak hours for informed decision-making.

Guest Feedback & CSAT

Collect and respond to guest feedback promptly.

Pricing that works for your restaurant

No matter your restaurant type or size, there's a plan for you. We’re built to keep up.

See Pricing Plans helped Genuine Hospitality easily field 1200 phone calls and receive a 93% caller satisfaction rate within 90 days.

Genuine Hospitality faced the challenge of managing customer calls across its diverse portfolio effectively. Without a dedicated phone response system, they often missed opportunities for guest interactions, leading to potential business losses and compromised guest experiences.

By utilizing to manage calls, capture reservations, and provide prompt answers to key questions, they ensured that customer service remained impeccable.

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