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Founded by the James Beard Award Winning Chef and celebrated cookbook author, Michael Schwartz, the Genuine Hospitality Group boasts a stellar collection of award-winning restaurants. Originating with the iconic Michael’s Genuine® Food & Drink in Miami’s Design District in 2007, the group, over the years, expanded its presence with both fine dining and casual establishments. Today, they successfully operate five restaurants, including prominent names like Amara at Paraiso and Harry's Pizzeria, making them a dominant multi-unit full-service hospitality entity.


The Genuine Hospitality Group grappled with the daunting issue of effectively managing customer calls across its diverse portfolio. Without a dedicated phone response system in place, opportunities for guest interactions were frequently missed, leading to potential business losses and a compromised guest experience. 


When Amara at Paraiso was inundated with hundreds of calls, the need for a solution became evident. After a successful test phase with that yielded zero negative feedback, it was clear that they had found the answer to their problems. The smooth integration process convinced the group to expand the service to all their locations.

Describing a personal experience, Joel recalled how was beneficial when he was with his kids and running late for a reservation at Amara. When he called, the Slang Concierge recognized the impending reservation and automatically postponed it by 15 minutes, impressing Joel with its efficiency. When asked if is Hospitality, Joel responded with, “I'd say 100%. In today's world, Slang offers an invaluable service, answering questions promptly. We can't answer every call personally, and Slang ensures that customer service remains impeccable.”

Joel White, VP of Marketing, Genuine Hospitality Group 


Genuine Hospitality Group's collaboration with underscores the evolving paradigm of hospitality in the digital age. Through the efficient handling of phone calls, capturing reservations, and providing a seamless experience for guests, has unequivocally established itself as an invaluable asset in the hospitality sector.

For those looking to modernize their guest experience while preserving the essence of hospitality, emerges as the top choice.


  • Efficiency in Communication: Slang handled calls smoothly, ensuring guests had a pain-free interaction.
  • Reservations Simplified: With Slang's plugins, reservation bookings became more streamlined both for guests and the team.
  • Increased Reservations: Slang facilitated 1,200+ voice phone reservations in the last 90 days.
  • Caller Satisfaction: An impressive 93.8% caller satisfaction rate was recorded in post-call surveys.
  • Operational Efficiency: Over 81% of calls were completely managed by Slang, reducing the load on human staff.

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