January 20, 2023

Slangin' Success: A Review of 50 Restaurants That Kicked Ass in 2022 with the Help of Our Voice Concierge - Restaurant Phone Answering Service

Restaurant Phone Answering Service

When it comes to running a successful restaurant, customer service is key. But, what happens when you're swamped with phone calls and can't keep up? Enter Slang.ai, the voice concierge that answers restaurant calls 24/7. With over 100+ different concierge voices to choose from and the ability to fully customize conversations and responses to align with your restaurant's brand and voice, Slang.ai can provide valuable answers to your customers' questions often without the need for human involvement. 

In 2022 we picked 50 random restaurants utilizing Slang.ai to analyze the power of our restaurant phone answering service… and the results were impressive! Slang answered 742,315 calls, saving these restaurants 61,860 hours of time that would have been spent answering calls. That's an average of 1,237 hours per restaurant, or the equivalent of 51.5 days per year. 

Slang's capabilities aren’t just limited to answering calls. From these calls, our concierge’s powered 122,048 text messages with information requested by the callers. Of these text messages 72,000+ were regarding reservations and nearly 6,000 were regarding placing an order. Depending on your restaurant's average order size, this ROI for making reservations and booking orders on your restaurant's preferred channel can amount to thousands in additional incremental revenue. 

Think Slang.ai can be your restaurant phone answering service, Schedule your introductory call today, and see how it can kick your restaurant's customer service into high gear.

What were customers asking about? The top three most asked questions were: 1.) making a reservation, 2.) placing an order, and 3.) hours of operations. These are the bread and butter of any restaurant, and Slang's ability to handle them quickly and efficiently frees up your staff to focus on what they do best – making great food and creating a memorable experience for your customers. 

Want to see how Slang.ai worked for one specific restaurant? Check out our PLNT Burger Case Study.


Alex Sambvani

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