July 18, 2022

How companies are transforming their customer service with Slang.ai

Don’t leave customers waiting. Capture new business every day with Slang.ai.

Businesses across all industries and sizes know that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of company growth. And there’s at least half a dozen touchpoints to consider to make this happen. 

Customers interact with businesses on so many platforms and in so many different ways: your company’s social media page, email, the company website, walking in, reading a print or social ad, calling on the phone, using a customer service chatbot, reading reviews of your business, and hearing about your business through a friend, to name a few. And it takes a lot to maintain these channels, offering friendly, personalized service 24/7/365. (Not exactly humanly possible, is it?) But with Slang.ai, a virtual phone answering service, businesses can save money, maintain their brand, and better serve their customers.

Slang.ai’s mission is to create truly useful, enjoyable phone answering interactions for your business using the help of artificial intelligence (AI). As it stands today, the average phone interaction that a customer has with a business isn’t great, but Slang.ai users are able to offer better service, and grow their business with a superior customer experience.

First impressions with businesses matter even more in the digital age

A customer’s first impression of your business happens way before they ever set foot in your restaurant, so a strong website with all the information (including Frequently Asked Questions) helps drive guests to your business. And if they don’t have a great experience at any point in the process, they can quickly choose an option with better service. 

Customers have a lot of questions which they’d prefer to call your business about, so setting up a friendly automated phone answering system is a great way to grow your business.

Long phone wait times or ineffective phone menu options on a dialpad create an off-putting customer experience, and we can do so much better with the technology available today.

The power of a modern virtual answering service

Companies that use Slang.ai to answer customer calls have one less thing to worry about — and they ensure that every call is answered, every time, helping draw in new business every day. Even the most basic package currently includes customizable voices, customizable greeting messages, customizable question and answer topics, auto-text responses, and a robust analytics dashboard that shares actionable insights about what customers are asking about and when.

Slang.ai users across the country are loving the ease of use and effectiveness of this AI-powered virtual assistant system.

How Slang.ai is changing restaurant + hospitality customer service

Before Slang.ai, 80% of calls would go unanswered because staff was too busy. Slang answers our calls 24/7, so guests get answers fast,” says Charlie, Director of Operations at Crave Fishbar Group. 

Another restaurant group agrees. “Every one of our managers has been super appreciative of this product. We had 700 voicemails before we launched Slang.ai. Now we don’t worry about them,” says Dustin from Weimann Maclise Restaurants.

And at Merchants Hospitality Group, implementing Slang.ai has led to clear time savings across the front-of-house and management teams. “Slang.ai saves my team over a hundred hours per month,” shares Abraham Merchant, Founder at Merchants Hospitality Group.

Slang.ai is easy to set up, and any business can get their AI-powered answering machine up and running in just half an hour. “Slang.ai has done all that we thought it would do for us, and more! Plus, they made the onboarding seamless,” says Tony, the Founder at Hammitt.

Don’t leave customers waiting on the phone

Learn about Slang.ai and how it can help your business grow, reach new customers, and keep your current clients happy and supported, 24/7/365.


Alex Sambvani

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