STUDS Achieves 30% Conversion Rate for New Bookings with


Reduction in customer service ticket volume.


Average customer satisfaction rate.


Conversion rate on booking new appointments through Slang.


Studs, an experiential retail and e-commerce brand, has reimagined the ear piercing experience.

Studs coined the term Earscape® by providing their customers with a new way to self-express through healthy and safe ear piercings and on-trend earrings in both a retail environment and an online experience at

With 17 studios nationwide, Studs Studio has a number of piercing experts who offer personalized sessions to find the array of piercings and jewelry that works for you.
Studs’ successful expansion is proof that smart, fast, and built-to-scale technology is essential when creating a scalable and memorable shopping experience.

“Slang has been a game changer for our customer service team’s resolution time and changed the way the team works internally. Although Slang was originally intended to be a customer service ticket solution, it  has actually turned out to be a customer conversion unlock.  The phone reporting and phone data has given us a new dimension of  insight into our customers.” — Jane Hur, Director of Product


Studs wanted its retail team to focus on its customers in the retail store, not constantly distracted by the phone ringing off the hook. At the same time, they wanted to deliver a stellar customer experience, which meant offering customers a solution on whatever channel would be most convenient for them, which is where Slang assists with answering phone calls 24/7.

Studs’ customer experience team was inundated with repetitive requests, especially for canceling appointments and running late for appointments. They were seeking a solution that natively integrated with their booking management system Square Space’s Acuity Scheduling that could give their customers a personalized and efficient experience to streamline appointment related inbound questions. 

Studs did support inbound text messages, but they still observed a strong customer demand for voice interactions, and a text-only line resulted in a lot of noisy tickets that were a bad use of agent time. 

“Slang’s customizability and integrations were a huge part of our decision to work with them. Slang integrates with our Acuity Scheduling calendars to offer personalized appointment management workflows and is also able to create tickets in Zendesk automatically to save our agents hundreds of hours a month.” — Jane Hur, Director of Product


By partnering with Slang, Studs was able to roll out a scalable solution at all retail locations, giving callers real-time and personalized answers to their questions — upgrading the voicemail experience callers were previously. 

Studs customized the audio experience for their voice concierges, choosing a specific digital voice and mixing in their own pre-recorded audio as well for the optimum branded experience, too. Alan Martin, SVP of Retail, has noted that “Slang has become an indispensable part of our tech stack and new store opening process. We roll Slang out to each new location!” Martin has praised the partnership’s success, sharing that he’s “obsessed” with Slang’s ability to deliver a premium customer experience.


Since partnering with Slang, Studs has achieved:

  • 15% reduction in customer service ticket volume 
  • 30% conversion rate on booking new appointments through Slang 
  • 90%+ average customer satisfaction rate 
  • Only 24 hours required to go live with incremental locations 

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